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Alex Ryder was born in the quiet maritime city of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  Born of an interracial couple, in a big loving family, living in a normal neighbourhood… According to Alex’s family she was musical from the get go.  Strumming the air guitar with her Dad’s afro pick, self teaching herself the drums and guitar, music was always her biggest passion…but that passion would have to wait.  Alex naturally excelled in sports around the neighbourhood and school.  It wasn’t long before school faculty was aggressively trying to recruit this tiny little girl to various sports and teams, including boy’s baseball.  What sets Alex apart from the others is her ability to focus and achieve at anything she enjoys, therefore standing out.  At the ripe age of 11 years Alex chose the sport of table tennis.  A sport that would continually challenge and coin her above average coordination skills and jet fast reflexes.  Unknown to her at the time she was making a decision that would kiss away the last years of a normal childhood, would completely wipe out any chance of a traditional adolescence and would force her to mature very quickly.  Being the youngest player to ever join the national team, Alex left her family and moved to Ottawa to train and travelled all over the world competing.  Listing Alex’s athletic accomplishments would be endless but they were recently topped with the honour of a 2012 induction to the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame.  Just shy of the Olympic team, at the top of her game, Alex’s athletic career ended unexpectedly due to major knee injuries.


Not seeing at the time an opportunity to pursue a dream that had taken a back seat, began a long road of disappointment, change and letting go.  Forced to adjust and reintegrate and begin rebuilding a ‘normal’ life.  Thankfully it wasn’t long before Alex found herself on a friendly tour of the local karaoke circuit.  There she found not only a few shocked locals but her smile again.  Quickly scouted by some local talent agencies, catapulted on to the seen, without the opportunity to define herself as an artist, she started doing some exciting things, opening for Michelle Wright, performing for fundraising tv and radio telethons, even singing at corporate events for the Prime Minister!  Her family was very enthusiastic about her role, as one of three lead vocalists, in a popular Moetown show.  As much as Alex loved being part of this project she knew it wasn’t her true calling.  Somewhere a long the way, between her love for leather, guitars and musicals idols like Pat Benatar and Bon Jovi, Alex knew she was born to rock.  And so began her personal quest of keeping women in rock alive.  She was fortunate enough to develop some great contacts of artists and friends in the local industry and was able to put together a great EP entitled Won’t You Listen where much of her heart and soul can be discovered.  Alex is actively promoting her tracks, unsigned and independent, as best she can by rocking every stage she comes across and with a little help from social media.  Her local status found her sharing the big stage this past September with 80’s rockers Honeymoon Suite.


If you ask Alex Ryder “Can You be Famous?” she would say “I want to be successful and I want to rock.”  If you asked a member of an audience she has captivated with her voice, look and stage presence they would say “Why isn’t she already?”  The question is what do you think?

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