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Working diligently to make a difference somewhere with my music! Writing, learning new songs, and ever improving!!

Music-It is my life, as well as my life line.  It has helped me through a lot of rough times, as well as keeps my spirits up during good times.  I have been singing since I was a small child.  I started off very young in church, and school plays back as early as kindergarten.  I found myself mesmerized by those who could play the guitar, drums, and bass, so I decided to pay closer attention to the moves the drummers made with their hands and feet, as well as the guitar players made with their hands and fingers and began teaching myself how to play them both at about the age of 14.  The rest is history.  The guitar and vocal chords have been my primary instruments for the most part.  I write acoustic music, as well as some harder rock music.  I'm very versatile as well.  I can sing all different genres, and can play many different styles as well.  I've been blessed...I have a huge support group behind me in my family and friends.  I like to tell people like this:  I am a nobody, from a little town, who loves to play music, write, and perform...I know I have talent, but I'm not erogant or cocky about it...I've met too many big people in the industry who have been that way, and I have lost a lot of respect for a lot of my favorite bands due to the way they carry themselves.  I say this:  Some people are fluent in spanish, or french...I'm fluent in music.  I am self taught, and just can't wait to see where my journey takes me.  I'd love to be able to change some lives with my music, change the industry in some way, and leave my mark.  Thanks to everyone who is prepared to take this journey with'll be eternally appreciated, as well as those who have always had faith in me and pushed me to keep going.  I hope one day I can give back to all of you as well!

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Break These Chains
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Refuse to Move-Eddie Congdon
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  •  jwctac wrote 2269 Days Ago (positive) 

    sounds great....need to hear more......jim

    3 points