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My name is Darius franchot, freelance bass player/producer...I have been a professional musician for many years  . i have played with countless bands. I went to musicians institute but left when i came to the realization that i needed to stay true to my own original unique approach to my musical creation and performance. A hard decision that was difficult to make but validated when i had a conversation with flea from the red hot chili peppers whom really put things into perspective for me and validated my person feelings on entire reason i am an artist in the first place. I have recorded over a hundred pieces and produced, wrote, and recorded most of them.I have also recently completed an incredible life changing transformation of losing 230lbs completely on my own with no trainer and no nutritionist and no support. An experience that has inspired and taken my music to an entirely new level of sound.I have been homeless countless times, lived in fancy places, played enormous venues, played empty houses,i never missed a practice or a workout routine even in the midst of living in the back of a '87 toyota pickup, and my passion and expression ha remained honest and unwavering .This music is my life.


For more info i have posted some of my solo album recordings as well as a few recordings i have done with bands i have worked with on my website so be sure to go have a listen.. When it comes to music i believe There is no rule as to What constitutes Good music it is all open to each individuals vision and interpretation. One mans noise is another mans levity.I have have a unique sound presence, passion, drive, focus, vision, and obsession and have committed myself to using it to reach as many people as possible, Giving people something to feel and think about.I have Played in many bands of all different styles of music Alternative, punk hip hop, funk, metal, dance, death, techno/house, tribal nuance, screamo, and many others i wouldn't know how to describe with words.i am available for all types of musical collaboration that i resonate with. I also do Film and show scores. The way i perform with a band is different from my solo pieces in which i play everything which Is created using only many tracks of bass an pretty much anything musical using bass as my tool.I have posted a few tracks i have done with groups so you can hear my approach while playing with others. If you feel my sound is something your interested in contact me.Thank you for listening, don't EVER give up

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